Callenish Circle

My Passion // Your Pain

Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain ©2003 Metal Blade
1. Soul Messiah
2. Dwelling In Disdain
3. Forsaken
4. What Could Have Been...
5. This Triculent Path
6. My Hate Unfolds
7. Misled
8. My Passion //
9. Conflicts
10. // Your Pain

Upon first listening to Holland's Callenish Circle, I immediately started to discount them based heavily on the fact that they're dwelling firmly within the melodic death metal scene that was spawned by At the Gates and their legions. One can only handle so many bands who play such a similar style, right? But that's why you always have to give records a few spins before determining an opinion. Callenish Circle may be a bit derivative, but they certainly pull off the sound well.

My Passion // Your Pain is an album that can quickly be modelled after early Soilwork. The riffing is to the point and rarely fiddles around intricate leads or complex patterns. Callenish Circle seems more interested in blasting through their songs by powering them with all sorts of energy. Many of the songs are paced at breakneck speed. However, the band does let up the tempo a bit on "What Could Have Been" and instantly remind me of the loping stylings of Amon Amarth. Vocals stay almost exclusively in the rasping territory, so those who feel a melody is the most evil sin should be happy. Although the band mostly sticks to crunchy riffing, there are a few leads here and there to suck listeners in.

Callenish Circle certainly won't gain any originality points, but there's definitely a niche of fans around the world who aren't into the more melodic realm Soilwork has pursued for the last three albums. Callenish Circle may be firmly rooted in the sound of their peers, but for fans of the style, this is a recommended release.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2003

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