Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond ©1972 Capricorn
1. Dancing Madly Backwards (on A Sea Of Air)
2. Armworth
3. Myopic Void
4. Mesmerization Eclipse
5. Raging River Of Fear
6. Thousand Days Of Yesterdays( Intro)
7. Frozen Over
8. Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (time Since Come And Gone)
9. I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 1)
10. As The Moon Speaks (to The Waves Of The Sea)
11. Astral Lady
12. As The Moon Speaks (return)
13. I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 2)

Captain Beyond was a fairly short lived band formed by former members of Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly and Johnny Winters' band, and their musical style isn't too surprising, given these roots. Hard rock ahoy! Captain Beyond did however add a certain amount of jazziness to their music, and wrote very organic songs; in fact, most of the album flows together like one large piece, thanks to smooth segues between tracks. Certain tracks referring back to previous ones help strengthen this consistent feeling.

What we get is a surprisingly heavy, rocking album chock full of great guitar riffs, Rod Evans' killer vocal melodies and lyrics that bring to mind space rockers like Hawkwind, and a very tight rhythm section. Throw in some surprises like plenty of time changes and a constant drive, and you have one of the finest rock albums to come out of the early seventies. Listening to this band today is an odd experience, as you'll keep hearing how newer bands like Monster Magnet, Cathedral, even Entombed seem to have taken influence from this.

This is certainly not an album that's praised merely for historical reasons, as the music is catchy and groovy as hell, yet with enough depth that repeated listens only make its strengths shine even brighter. Standout tracks include the kickass rockers "Mesmerization eclipse" and "Can't feel nothin'", not to mention "Thousand days of yesterdays", where the riffing is performed on acoustic guitars.

There are no gated drums or high pitched singers here, though the sound is unfortunately slightly muddy. But the music has aged gracefully, and shouldn't trigger any cringing reactions from younger generations, partly thanks to many newer stoner rockers keeping this sound alive. Still, there's nothing else out there quite like this album, and I hope no fans of the style will let it pass them by - it might even win over some new ones.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 12/2002

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