Picture of Carnivore


Carnivore - Retaliation ©1987 Roadracer
1. Jack Daniels And Pizza
2. Angry Neurotic Catholics
3. S.M.D.
4. Ground Zero Brooklyn
5. Race War
6. Inner Conflict
7. Jesus Hitler
8. Technophobia
9. Manic Depression
10. U.S.A. For U.S.A.
11. Five Billion Dead
12. Sex And Violence

Somewhere along the line, Peter Steele had some issues to deal with. Carnivore, possibly the ugliest export of Brooklyn, was nothing more than an S.O.D. inspired cartoon parody of hardcore thrash that simply overstepped its usefulness. Whereas a band like S.O.D. was able to inject humor and satire into their intentionally offensive lyrics, Carnivore just comes across as redneck ranting over sludgey aggressive thrashcore. Perhaps if you are the type of kid who hates everything on the planet, and parts of Mars as well, then Carnivore may be the ticket for venting all that circus rage. There are some strong parts buried within the rage, but the sheer ugh and silliness of the lyrics make it not worth the effort to dig through. Incidentally, does anyone else find it strange that Peter Steele is now the model of sensitivity in his current band, Type O Negative?

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/1999

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