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The Cleansing

Catastrophic - The Cleansing ©2001 Metal Blade
1. Hate Trade
2. Balancing The Furies
3. Enemy
4. Lab Rats
5. Messiah Pacified
6. The Cleansing
7. Pain Factor
8. Jesters Of The Millennium
9. The Veil
10. Blood Maidens
11. You Must Bleed
12. Terraform

What do you get when you cross a former guitarist for Obituary with members of Pyrexia? Well, sadly, there is no good punch line to this potential joke because the resulting outfit, Catastrophic, is nowhere near as devastating as their moniker wishes to indicate. On the scale of major calamities, they rank far far below, say, a tornado. Rather, they land somewhere around a little dust devil, but one that's only knee-high.

Regardless of their lineage, the band's album, The Cleansing, displays very little that is worthy of recommendation. Mixing standard 1990 death metal crunch with New York styled hardcore influences, but forgetting to include memorable songs, Catastrophic goes about repeating their formula not once, not twice, but a dozen times on this unbearably dull CD. Considering vocalist Keith DeVito only uses one note throughout the album, you would think he'd prefer to choose a better one than he does. The songs, meanwhile, just sort of go clunking along behind him. Sure, the prerequisite solos, heavy, thick rhythms and slow tempos provide granite for heaviness, but they aren't the sort of songs that stand apart from one another. In fact, you've heard everything you need to hear about this band on the very first track. Everything else is just excessive. Now excuse me while I find something, nay, anything, more interesting than this. Perhaps C-Span is showing something brutal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2001

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