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Exploiting Dysfunction

Cephalic Carnage - Exploiting Dysfunction ©2000 Relapse
1. Hybrid
2. Driven To Insanity
3. Rehab
4. Observer In The Obliteration Of Planet Earth
5. On Six
7. Cryptosporidium
8. The Ballad Of The Moon
9. Of Smoke
10. Warm Hand On A Cold Night (a Tale Of Onesomes)
11. Invertus Indica (The Marijauna Convictions)
12. Molestandos Plantas Muertos!
13. Eradicate Authority
14. Paralyzed By Fear
15. Exploiting Dysfunction

My apathy and overwhelming disinterest in this band simply insurmountable. This tired style of death-puke grindcore has run its course and Syphillis Carnival - I'm sorry, Cephalic Carnage - is not really adding much of note to it, except maybe satiating the appetites of those who think this is profound music. At best, Cephalic Carnage offers the same appeal as a fender bender out on the freeway. Sure, there isn't a lot to see once you work your way through the slowed down, bumper to bumper traffic, but a few people still gawk nevertheless. Exploiting Disfuntion is nothing more than a fender bender in the scheme of extreme music. To their credit, they try reasonably hard to be at least a rear ender or perhaps side impact collision, but come on, we've all heard bands of this ilk before. How original are the juxtaposition of high screeched vocals and belched gutteral grunts? And exactly what is the purpose of blast beating your way through segments of the song? Downtuned guitars and a smattering of clever samples hardly make for a great product. There are a few people who still seem to find something of worth in this sort of schlock but chances are they take pro wrestling seriously as well.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2000

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