Chaos As Shelter

Midnight Prayer / Illusion

Chaos As Shelter - Midnight Prayer / Illusion ©2000 Crowd Control Activities
CD one:
1. The Temptation Of Saint Anthony
2. In Nomine Patris (you Never Pray Enough)
3. Dead Sea Song
4. Et Filii (Jesus The Swordfish)
5. Mavka
6. Et Spiritus Sancti (The Gipsy Judgement 2)
7. Sandstorm In Heaven
8. Amen
9. Midnight Prayer
CD two:
1. Dream
2. Illusion Pt. 1
3. The Hope
4. Place Of Warning
5. Lullaby For The Wind
6. Illusion Pt. 2
7. Ruins 1
8. The Time Of Sacrifice
9. No More Suffering
10. Get Back!

When I was in college I "discovered" a band called Tangerine Dream. Their music intrigued me because it was so different. This was long before Tangerine Dream was termed "New Age" music. I found it spacious and airy as far from the realm of heavy metal as you could possibly get. Their album Zeit still stands in my mind as one of the furthest departures from rock music that I've ever heard.

It stands to reason that other bands play ambient soundscape music, but I have never really gone in search of any. These two discs brought back a wealth of memories for me as I listened to them. I've always enjoyed this type of music, but for the most part it seems to go over my head. I know it has been eaten up by those who go for the "new age" metaphysical stuff, but my enjoyment of it is much more ordinary than that. Does it conjure an image within my mind, and if so, is that image an enjoyable one? In the case of these two discs, the answer is yes on both counts.

These two discs make for pleasant background music for those times when you want to escape via a more soothing conduit than something that pounds your brain relentlessly. This is subtle music that gently nudges you with its images. It does not force a preconceived notion on you though the liner notes make it clear there is a deeper meaning hidden herein. Rather it allows you to be slowly drawn in and swept away on a very gradual and precise, slow moving river of sound. The progress is almost glacial in nature. If you are looking for something as far removed from heavy metal as possible, then look to this. It is almost the equivalent of musical impressionism.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 08/2001

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