Experience All The Hate

Cheater - Experience All The Hate ©1996 Stiff Pole Records
1. Binge
2. Teenage Zero
3. This Is The Third Song
4. Faith
5. Which Way Is Down?
6. Misery Town
7. New Day

Apparently containing Mark Phillips, a veteran of Dave Smalley's Down By Law, Cheater presents a short disc full of melodic-aggressive punk that fits roughly in the same area as Ill Repute. While not exactly the most original in the genre, it isn't terribly bad. "Soulmate" is catchy, as well as "Teenage Zero" and "Misery Town". My biggest concern for the band is their conformity to the standards already set within the genre. Nothing presented here is bad by any means--it just lacks the singular identity to stand on its own.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1998

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