Children Of A Lesser God


Children Of A Lesser God - Migrations ©1998 NSM Records
1. Migrations
2. It Is You
3. Welcome (back Home)
4. When War Commences Again
5. Sideglance To Reality
6. The Wheel

I kept expecting William Hurt to make a guest appearance somewhere on this album but it never happened. And I had such high hopes. But this Children of a Lesser God hails from Austria and plays a rather mediocre brand of doom metal. Lacking much of the inventive and creative nature of other doom bands, the Children rely far too much on just playing heavy and grunting their way through vocal passages. Songs simply have little hook, depth or substance to garner much interest on the part of the listener. It doesn't help to have very bland deep grunts as your vocal attack as every band and their goat does this sort of thing. Unfortunately this isn't the sort of album you play much after the initial couple listens.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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