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The Last Millennium

Chinchilla - The Last Millennium ©2002 Metal Blade
1. The Last Millennium
2. War Machine
3. Demons We Call
4. Nighttrain Of Death
5. Father Forgive Me
6. After The War
7. Victims Of The Night
8. The Boys Are Back In Town
9. They Are Liars
10. The Highest Place

Chinchillas, for the unknowing, are small, adorable little gray mouse-like rodents who often are given names such as "Snowball", "Nibbles" and "Roo" by their owners. They certainly do not invoke much fear, except maybe as understudies for mice whose role is to make women shriek and stand on tables. Even then, their threat is minimal. As with many rodents, they probably have a nasty little bite when provoked, but overall, they are just cute little critters.

Germany's Chinchilla gives chinchillas a bad name. The German power metallist are not cute and possess even less threat skills than their rodent counterparts. And this drivel they release is certainly far from adorable. The Last Millennium is a dreadful, tedious metal-by-numbers that completely lacks character, creativity, originality or a reason to exist. Do I hate this? Why yes! Yes I do! Power metal, as a genre, was limited to begin with and for some reason it seems nearly every label has rushed out to sign dozens of mediocre bands all playing a similar ilk of watered down music and Chinchilla is one of those bands. Every single song here is done by formula, with a scientific approach given to decide where the anthemic chorus goes and where the triumphant guitar solo will be overlayed. This sort of assembly line metal brings down the genre as a whole and only serves to clutter the already crowded shelves with more useless product that no one really needs. No one needs another band featuring a high pitched, Halford-esque vocalist who warbles his way through his songs. We certainly don't have any desire to hear another band play midpaced double-bass infused power metal. And since this band utterly castrates Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back In Town", I place a curse upon them. Phil Lynott deserves more respect than the horrendous job Chinchilla does trying to make the song a power metal number.

The unfortunate thing about Chinchilla is that bands like this seem to linger around, not realizing that not only have they outlived their usefulness, but never were really useful to begin with.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2003

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