Circle the Wagons

Forbidden To Eat Worms

Circle the Wagons - Forbidden To Eat Worms ©2006 Black Banana Records
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Everyone knows of the Metallica Overstays Their Welcome complex. It's like the last guy to leave the party who doesn't realize he's simply not wanted there anymore. In fact, everyone else has gone to bed and he's sitting there on an extended soliloquy with a wah-pedal.

Circle the Wagons, from the hippie commune town of Nelson, British Columbia (that's Canada, you geographically deficient twit!), are the antithesis of that sort of band. This trio of Internationally Renowned Sex Symbols (With Musical Instruments) has been tearing up clubs and leaving bits of destruction wherever they go, all accomplished in perfectly short periods of time. These guys will crash your party, bust up your GI Joe collection, drink your booze, fondle your hot sister and key the Land Rover in your driveway, all before you can finish your first beer. You simply have to respect that sort of brevity and focus.

Now I have heard rumors that music reviews should actually discuss the music rather than conjure up elaborate analogies that tend to show off one's university level English courses. Circle the Wagons takes on the dirtiness of Motorhead, the speed rush of the Dwarves, the heaviness of Queensryche (just kidding on that one) and condenses it down to face-punching intensity. Their music always sounds like it's on the edge of coming completely unhinged, yet manages to retain the thread. Forbidden to Eat Worms perfectly captures this band's sound in a very short onslaught.

You have been warned. Circle the Wagons is coming to your town and they're going to tussle your hair. Oh, and plunder. Can't forget the plundering.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2006

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