Set Your Goals

CIV - Set Your Goals ©1995 Lava Records
1. Set Your Goals
2. Do Something
3. So Far, So Good, So What
4. State Of Grace
5. Can't Wait One Minute More
6. Trust Slips Through Your Hands
7. Gang Opinion
8. Choices Made
9. Solid Bond
10. Marching Goals
11. United Kids
12. Soundtrack For Violence
13. Boring Summer
14. Et Tu Bruté?
15. All Twisted
16. Don't Got To Prove It

The band CIV, named after singer Anthony Civocelli, formerly of Gorilla Biscuits, was one of those bands who had their quick moment in the spotlight with the catchy "Can't Wait One Minute More" and on the 1996 Warped Tour. For what it's worth, the band wasn't too bad of an act, offering a mix between old school hardcore, tuneful West Coast punk pop sensibilities and occasional boogie and swagger. They didn't necessarily blend them all together, but the songs definitely range from all out mosh pit inciting blasts of aggression to the aforementioned swagger and groove of their famous hit. Civ's vocals were high pitched, but earnest and his bandmates were efficient and competent in executing rather simple, but effective songs. Lyrics covered the gamut of typical hardcore, street level thinking, including a rant against those who came to their shows to hurt people in the pit ("Soundtrack for Violence") and prerequisite songs of unity ("United Kids").

Set Your Goals is certainly far from a genre defining record, but the overall appeal is abundant. There are quite a few insidiously catchy songs that you can't help but shout along with and their energetic romps are satisfying to both pop-punker types and hardcore kids.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2001

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