Click - Failure ©1997 Supertone Records
1. Hand To Mouth
2. Wrong
3. Manifold
4. 140
5. 900 Lbs
6. Slug
7. Slave
8. Lower Than You
9. Nothing
10. Cranked
11. Saturate

A surprisingly good effort from this Baltimore band. Using various Prong cue cards, Click's sound can best be described as a tuneful and catchy adaptation of the area explored by Cleansing. You can especially hear the influence in the bass playing of Keith Thompson and some of the jagged riffs from John Cummings and Chris Kornke. However, it's Cummings' very tuneful and emotive vocals matched with some infectious songwriting (I haven't been able to get "Wrong" out of my head for the past couple days) that give this band their own identity. You'll get a real Click out of this.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1998

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