Closet Panic Sniveller

Lickety Split W/ Swapmeat

Closet Panic Sniveller - Lickety Split W/ Swapmeat ©1998 Bergerk
1. Intro
2. Alien Influenza
3. Paraschiznoida
4. Button
5. Lesk The Glut
6. Meet The Blenders
7. Fucked In The Gutter
8. Herron Volk
9. Snailgun
10. The Slaughter Of Mahisha
11. The Prodigous Water Buffalo Demon
12. Splide Sitting Nicksess
13. Dumpster Chick
14. Rated G
15. Nibble
16. Meat Market
17. Just For You
18. Agalmataphilia
19. Pheremone City
20. After Grog Bog

I don't think we've been properly warned about the weirdness going on in the land down under. Moreover I have audio proof that Aussies are a bit off their musical rockers in the form of this split CD featuring two of the stranger entries in oddball hardcore, Closet Panic Sniveller and Swapmeat.

CPS (not related to the California Highway Patrol for those educated in America) tends to remind a bit of a harder edge Mr. Bungle with less carnival noise and more angry guitars. L. Roy Borellos is rather inventive in different tones and approaches, adding some variety to the already wacky tracks. Mired in tempo changes, screamed, shrieked and spoken vocals and occasional descents into chaos, CPS rages through their half of the CD with much gusto and bluster. Best tracks include "Button", the slinky "Lesk the Glut", the somewhat Voivod-esque "Meet the Blenders" and "Snailgun".

Following up is the apt Swapmeat. This group of nuts is a bit heavier than their CD mates and a bit more straightfoward in their approach. As demonstrated on "Dumpster Chick", the guitars are somewhat reminiscent of Bay Area Thrash of yesteryear, but the band also places their feet in dirty rock n roll ("Just for You"), more Mr. Bungle weirdness ("Rated G") and punk/hard-edged music. These guys grow on me a bit with each listen, I'll admit. If you have ever dug the harsher Mr. Bungle, any sort of Nomeansno or Victims Family madness, or twisted music in general, you might want to get this disc.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1998

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