Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber ©1997 Roadrunner
1. Loco
2. Bradley
3. Oddity
4. Unspoiled
5. Big Truck
6. Sway
7. First
8. Maricon Puto
9. I
10. Clock
11. My Frustration
12. Amir Of The Desert
13. Dreamtime
14. Pig

This sounds exactly like, well, Korn. And Coal Chamber do not even attempt to pull the wool over your head. It's like they know it's a complete ape job and they're laughing right in your face. I can just see that Roadrunner Exec smirking as he cashes his check. If Coal Chamber don't care enough, why should I? You guessed it. I don't. For a genre that is progressively wearing out its welcome, these "hip-hopped" Korny "nu-metal" bands (Spin Magazine's term, not mine) are all treading the same water. Talky/rappy/processed vocals over a uniformly similar down-tuned rhythmic clicking, which is supposed to be the hip sound these days I guess. The term for this is redundant, and maybe I'm guilty of promulgating some clone bands myself, but this is a sound I resented from the beginning (fine...don't believe me). Of the slew of Korn followers (you know them), only the Deftones--cribbing elements from aforementioned sound with a number of more esoteric influences, creating a unique mix-- are worthy of exemption when the culling scythe comes swinging. But I digress. Coal Chamber suck. And Roadrunner Records continues its spiral into obscurity...

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 11/1998

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