Cold Body Radiation

Deer Twillight

Cold Body Radiation - Deer Twilight ©2011 Dusktone
1. Deer Twillight
2. Make Believe
3. The Night Reveals
4. Shimmer
5. A Change of Pace
6. Concept of Forever
7. Yes, Maybe the Stars

It seems as though there's a zillion bands that play some form of black metal these days and there also appear to be nearly as many subgenres within the subgenre of black metal. For amusement, you should one day check out some of the music blogs out there who have quite the dizzying job of reductionism with labels and descriptors within black metal. That aside, one of the offshoots of the black metal influence that has caught my ear is "blackgaze", which is the obvious melding of the shoegazer style of rock pioneered by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive with atmospheric black metal. Most are likely familiar with Alcest (whom I'm actually somewhat ambivalent about, though that's not pertinent to this review), but in the past two or three years it seems that blackgaze bands are popping up all around the world. Cold Body Radiation is from the Netherlands and is apparently a one man project by a fellow calling himself "M." Deer Twillight is his second piece of work.

For black metal purists, this album might simply be rooted too much in the shoegazer/dreampop/post-rock style. At no point will you be motivated to chant sacred mantras to invoke Satan. Cold Body Radiation has the sound that many instrumental post-rock bands employ, though the hints of more extreme metal help it veer away from the monotonous crescendos that lesser bands use willy-nilly. That said, it's tough to catch too many of the black metal elements until the third song, "The Night Reveals", where M. offers up some distantly echoing hissing vocals. Much of Deer Twillight relies on the wall of shimmering guitar and fuzziness that is rooted back to My Bloody Valentine and every single band who was influenced by that. The bass is prevalent in the mix, often providing steering for the songs. The album has a good flow, taking listeners from one song to the next without boring anyone to tears or losing a cohesive feel to the release.

Deer Twillight should have appeal those who love both atmospheric black metal and shoegazer music. No doubt quite a few fans out there are instantly realizing how seamlessly these two styles fit together. Anyone who loves music from Slowdive to Agalloch (and perhaps beyond) is encouraged to give Deer Twillight a try.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2012

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