The Unknown

Conspiracy - The Unknown ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. Conspiracy
2. Confess
3. New World
4. 1/2 A World Away
5. There Is No End
6. The Wheel
7. Premonitions
8. The Unknown
9. I Could

If there is any one thing that can put me off my breakfast, association with Yes would be it. Not an association with the early 70s Yes, but their poppier days where they were the "Owner of a Lonely Heart" or worse, the Big Generator time period where every single they released was a tedious monument to all the wrongful excesses of 80s pop music. So here in my hands I have this Conspiracy project, which unites Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood, two Yes-men, on their very own musical project. Pardon me if I don't get terribly excited. The Unknown is a well-played but entirely languid affair that takes on many of the poppier elements of Yes and puts them over a base of watered down King Crimson musicianship. Very watered down, it must be said. Since this album features sickly sweet, polished harmonies and choruses, you're unfortunately going to remember these songs after hearing them. It is sort of like hearing an annoying commercial jingle on the television and having that song stuck in your head for hours. No matter how painful, you feel like pounding your head against the desk to rid yourself of the song. Concussions and periodic lapses in concentration are superior to hearing any of these tunes replayed in your head. Needless to say, unless you're one of those sick, twisted people who actually liked the pop side of Yes and really hate exciting music, I can't recommend Conspiracy to anyone who I actually like and respect. Now I must purge my soul of this muck.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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