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D.C. Cooper

D.C. Cooper ©1999 InsideOut Music
1. Dream
2. Easy Living
3. The Angel Comes
4. Until The End
5. Within Yourself
6. Three Generations
7. Chained
8. Freedom
9. Take Me In
10. Forgive Me
11. Whisper
12. The Union

Yet another vocalist steps out on his own. This time it is former Royal Hunt singer D. C. Cooper who is one of the best voices in heavy metal today. Easily among the top ten male singers on anyone's list, D. C. Cooper ventures out into territory that has been deadly to others who have attempted these waters. He does not go solo without careful preparation. He surrounds himself with a stellar band. Three members of Pink Cream 69, Alfred Koffler, Dennis Ward, and Kosta Zafiriou join one from Vanden Plas, Guenter Werno on keyboards, and guitar wizard Tore Ostby from Conception to form the "Alliance." Whether or not this all-star band will stay with Cooper is not known, but they form an amazing backing for his voice. I was most excited to find Conception's guitarist listed among the players. Tore Ostby does not disappoint. He plays some very impressive neo-classical guitar on this disc which is a switch from Royal Hunt's usual keyboards. His signature chops are found on "The Angel Comes" and Cooper's singing is on the same level as Khan's, so fans of Conception will do a double take listening to this song. The disc is comprised of some pretty straightforward progressive metal with the songs all segueing into one another very nicely. The production is very high on this disc with Cooper's vocals over tracked in several places to produce some really great music. Being a fan of Uriah Heep, I really enjoyed the cover of "Easy Livin'" on this CD. Since this is a solo venture, Cooper is free to follow his own avenues in the songs. While they are not as involved and deep as those found on some of Royal Hunt's discs, they are nonetheless filled with emotion and Cooper imbues them with his own brand of energy and passion. If his initial release is any indication, D. C. Cooper will be soloing for quite some time. This is a release well worth the purchase.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 06/2000

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