Corpus Mortale

Succumb To The Superior

Corpus Mortale - Succumb To The Superior ©2001 Self-Released
1. Succumb To The Superior
2. The Purity Of Dying
3. Undesirable
4. Spiritism
5. Driven Into Possession

While I dislike saying this towards bands who have obviously put a great amount of hard work into their music as well as showing a very reasonable amount of talent, bands such as Corpus Mortale could use a serious bout of introspection with releases such as Succumb to the Superior. Death metal has existed for well over a decade now and any young band choosing to play a style that was, at the height of its popularity several years ago, a limited and clustered field should ask themselves if they are doing anything that is contributing something new to the style. If they can't look themselves in the mirror and point out what it is that they are doing that thousands of others haven't, perhaps they should rethink their approach. Denmark's Corpus Mortale is one such band that, while technically on par with many of their peers and influences, falls into the pit of other commonplace, predictable death metal acts who just haven't anything to truly offer music buyers. Yes, they have a reasonably good sense of riffing that reminds me a bit of older thrash than the technical death metal of the early nineties. Yes, their guitar leads are fairly good. But no, they do not stand apart from the crowd one bit and may only appeal to a very small group of death metal fanatics who, after a decade of brutal music, still haven't gotten it out of their system or become exhausted with the sheer numbers of similar bands. Other people may have tolerance for low gutteral vocals plastered over whatever riffs the band has at hand, but this is the sort of thing that begs for reappraisal from its creators.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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