Corvus Corax

The Atavistic Triad

Corvus Corax - The Atavistic Tria ©2000 Dark Symphonies
1. Sons Of The Earth
2. Terminum Est
3. Sojourn
4. Mystagogue

Named after a raven, Corvus Corax is an ambitious doom oriented band that offers three overly long songs as well as a couple short tracks on The Atavistic Triad. I've played this album multiple times in the past couple months since receiving it and have yet to really break through and enjoy what they are trying to accomplish on the disc. Their sound is a very dense style that utilizes thick guitars, keyboards offering countermelodies in the background and very distorted vocals hiding within the mix. Their sound is set at a faster tempo than a lot of doom bands. The band does offer lengthy passages that are often enjoyable but the arrangements tend to shake off the listener's interest after awhile. No matter how often I've tried to pay close attention to this album, I've caught my interest wandering to other things and Corvus Corax becomes background sound at best. Their occasional flourishes of symphonic melodicism are good, but the songs don't tend to create much movement or the feeling the song is taking you anywhere. The musicianship is solid and the performances cannot be criticized, but as usual with many bands, the songwriting could use some polishing up.

If dense, symphonic death-doom metal sounds like something you might enjoy, be warned that it's going to take you much effort to really find yourself enjoying The Atavistic Triad. For dedicated listeners of the genre only.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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