Creative Pain


Creative Pain - Scarred ©1998 Conquest Music Group
1. Government Bullshit
2. Under The Gun
3. Scars Of Retribution
4. Shallow
5. Hell To Pay
6. Unity
7. Coward
8. Victimized

Tough guys make tough music with tough titles like Scarred and band names like Creative Pain. Strangely, "creative" is not a term I would use in association with this band as their material veers far from it. Can we say second-rate Biohazard/metalcore? And since Biohazard is generally second rate to begin with, what does that make Creative Pain? With little variance between the lowend heavy hardcore metal stomp, it takes merely seconds into the album to realize things are sorely lacking. Shout, roar, stomp. Blah. Very exceptionally blah.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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