Deathshead Extermination

Crisis - Deathshead Extermination ©1996 Metal Blade
1. Onslaught
2. Working Out The Graves
3. Wretched
4. The Watcher
5. Methodology
6. Bloodlines
7. Nowhere But Lost
8. Different Ways Of Decay
9. Prisoner Scavenger
10. 2 Minutes Hate
11. Aftermath

Once your cerebral cortex has warmed over to the idea of a woman fronting one of the heaviest bands on the scene today, the thorny exercise in catharsis that is Deathshead Extermination should have lovers of the jagged and tumultuous bowing in reverence. Of course, now comes the part where I say those uninitiated (or uninterested) with the like of Brutal Truth, Unsane or virtually anything marked by vocal acrobatics, will probably find this about as appealing as paint fumes. Powering this uniform ferocity are frontwoman Karyn Crisis' vocals, shooting chaotically all over the map. She'd be gruff enough to front Benediction, manic enough to lead Deadguy, and melodic enough to mingle with the Rankin Family, all while changing her vocal approach more often than a junkie changes underpants. The accompanying musical score wanders arbitrarily in hardcore terrain, but is furnished with a slight metal sheen preventing it from degenerating into a two-tone powerchord pogofest, eschewing the monotony of most hardcore acts, while the banged-up literature enclosed touches the helm of Eyehategod or Today Is the Day; both bands lyrical mainstay being that of inner dysfunction and emotional torment, attempting to exercise demons therein. A blistering, hate- riddled necessity. And you know, I'm not even related to anyone in the band.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 09/1998

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