Cronic Disorder

Torture Test

Cronic Disorder - Torture Test ©2001 Mighty Music
1. Intro
2. Ugly Head
3. Culture Of Violence
4. Lesser Of Two Evils
5. With Reckless Abandon
6. Dead Man Walking
7. The Last Laugh
8. Folsom Prison Blues
9. C.O.V. (Serial Killer Man)

Hailing from North Carolina and offering a sound that is steeped in rumbling thrash of yesteryear with a more latter day 90s hardcore-ish edge to it, Cronic Disorder's first release for Denmark's Mighty Music finds them plying their wares in competent but unconvincing fashion. This nine song release is a rumbling growler with thick sound, barking vocals, it's loud and heavy. Unfortunately beyond that, Torture Test is a bit of a test to sit through as the monotonous nature of the songwriting blurs the entire album together into a mush. While the cover of "Folsom Prison Blues" is certainly a hoot, their original material is just barely average at best. The band is more intent on bludgeoning their point home than offering any sort of subtleties or hooks. I'm certain there is a segment of metal listening audiences who prefer their music delivered with the grace of two rhinos waltzing in a ballroom dancing competition, but for me there is little to offer here. I can report the production is very good and there's some minor appeal in the throwback to older thrash metal, but beyond that this record excites me as much as my impending visit to the doctor about my stomach problems.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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