Tall Tales

Crucible - Tall Tales ©1998 Self-Released
1. Over The Falls
2. The Poet Liar
3. Find The Line
4. Lords And Leeches
5. In Ancient Tongue
6. The Salamander
7. Land For Sale
8. An Imp's Tale

Once in a very rare while an album will captivate you on first listen and subsequent listens serve to draw you deeper into the music and magic of the songs. Crucible's debut is one such album. I am an avid reader of fantasy fiction. These songs fit so well with such reading matter that this disc serves as great background music while immersed in your favorite author.

The music is very similar to Trick Of The Tail era Genesis or early Jethro Tull, showing a very strong 1970's progressive rock influence. Fans of Nektar will also appreciate the melody structures that are reminiscent of Nektar's A Tab In The Ocean or Remember The Future albums. The songs are made up of intelligent lyrics and long musical interludes. The song writing is exemplary. All the songs are tales written by the keyboardist, Tim Horan. The tales are then illustrated by the music into which they are masterfully woven. The monumental epic "An Imp's Tale" is a twenty-one minute opus that will enthrall the listener. The song is broken into seven parts that flow into one another very well. Other outstanding tracks are "The Poet Liar", "Lords And Leeches", and "Land For Sale". It is really wonderful to see the fantasy element done right in music without it being bombastic or ludicrous.

The music is played with a wonderful light hearted technicality. The singer sounds like Steve Walsh of Kansas with vocal arrangements like those found on the above mentioned Nektar albums. The words are clear and the sheer fun of the songs is brought out well in the singing. Fans of Genesis, Jethro Tull, Nektar, Marillion, Rush, Kansas, Yes, or other mainstream progressive rock bands will definitely want to track this album down. This is a tremendous debut and promises very bright things for the future.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 08/2000

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