Gabor Csupo


Gabor Csupo - Kalmopyrin ©2002 Tone Casualties
1. Mary Goes Around
2. Shaharezade
3. When They Can't Get Enough
4. Rodeo Drive
5. Lemoncholy
6. Pleasure Fakia
7. Good Night, Suckers!
8. The Wet Dream Of Princess Moreau
9. Take No Techno Prisoners!
10. City Of Forgotten Souls
11. Anybody Seen My Pajamas?
12. Torso
13. Three Fish And The Seven Dwarfs

Gabor Csupo has had his hands involved in many extremely well known projects. The majority of you out there are already quite familiar with them, in fact. Some of you may even worship those projects. Csupo is best known for his animation studio, which has been responsible for early episodes of The Simpsons as well as Rugrats, the utterly hilarious Duckman and many other cartoons. However, animation is only one of the many facets of Csupo's talents. It turns out he is also a quite capable musician who not only records very intriguing experimental electronic music, but owns the Tone Casualties label.

Kalmopyrin is Csupo's third solo release (not including some collaborations). An mystifying but thoroughly enjoyable mix of trip-hop, ambience, and avant garde tendencies, Kalmopyrin offers a wildly varying ride through the imagination of Csupo. Much like his animation, the music is quite colorful and vivid. Moreover, the songs are highly unique, particularly from one another, lending a feeling of constant motion to the album. The compositions often involve a considerable amount of instrumentation, eschewing the minimalism of many electronic artists. More importantly, Csupo doesn't stick to one set of beats, which gives the album much more life than a lot of lesser artists might provide. Best of all, Csupo also manages to make more than a few of the songs quite catchy, meaning bits and pieces will get stuck in your head long after the CD is over.

Kalmopyrin often defies easy description, but never fails to provide a good listen. For fans of a more musical and involved electronic experience, this CD is definitely quite recommended.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2002

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