Eye For An Eye

Daemon - Eye For An Eye ©2002 Diehard Music
1. Intro: Leaving On A Jet Plane
2. Gone Forever
3. Crucifiction
4. Disconnect
5. Eternal Bliss
6. Truth Be Known
7. Kingdom Of Fools
8. The Beating
9. Cursed
10. The Trial
11. Tailgunner

Daemon began in '96 as a side project between Konkhra mainman Anders Lundemark and Nicke "Royale" Andersson (The Hellacopters, ex-Entombed), playing a tribute to the early Swedish death metal sound. Nicke's involvement is over, but Anders sporadically revisits the Daemon monicker. Anders is joined this time by Thomas Fagerlind on bass and the legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Death, Testament, etc.).

Eye For an Eye is a cliched, unoriginal title, and unfortunately it reflects the music within. Don't get me wrong, this is competent groove oriented death metal, and I can't point to anything seriously wrong with it. It is just missing the spark that makes it stand out from every other groove death album I've heard in the last decade. The fact that it comes from Anders Lundemark, the man behind Konkhra's groove classic Spit Or Swallow, makes it even more disappointing.

This is one of those albums that, after a couple of listens, will go on the shelf and be forgotten. Sadly, the case is the same with the last two Konkhra releases. This is recommended only for those who just can't get enough of this style of music.

Review by Scott Wilcox

Review date: 11/2002

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