Dali's Dilemma

Manifesto For Futurism

Dali's Dilemma - Manifesto For Futurism ©1999 Magna Carta
1. Within A Stare
2. Miracles In Yesteryear
3. Despite The Waves
4. Whispers
5. Ashen Days
6. Andromeda Sunrise
7. This Time Around
8. Hills Of Memory
9. Can't You See
10. Living In Fear

Every so often a debut disc comes along that is head and shoulders above the crowd. Manifesto For Futurism is just such a disc. The music on this disc is a blend of the compositional styling of early Dream Theater and the vocal work of Shadow Gallery. Add a touch of U2 on "Hills Of Memory", and you have a great progressive metal disc. There is not a weak moment on this CD. The songs are intricate and tightly produced. The guitars crunch and swirl, the vocals sweep along in a grand style. The bass and drums are sharp. The bass work is especially noteworthy. The keyboard work is excellent. The keys are supplied by Matt Guillory who played with Zero Hour during their brief history. The Dream Theater influences are obvious, but they don't prevent the band from expressing themselves. Anyone who listens to this disc will be reminded of Images And Words. Except for the two short instrumental pieces, the songs are all over five minutes with the melody changes and redirection you expect in great progressive metal. Matthew Bradley's vocals are clean and clear. He sounds a great deal like James LaBrie from Dream Theater. The lyrics appear to all be borne of personal experiences for the band members, giving the disc an introspective, almost familial feel. This is simply a fantastic disc that should be in any prog fan's collection. If the debut from these guys is this good, one wonders what the future might hold for them?

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 06/2000

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