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In Nomine Aeternitatis

Dargaard - In Nomine Aeternitatis ©2000 Napalm Records
1. Dark Horizons
2. Underworld Domain
3. Pantheon In Flames
4. The Infinite
5. Temple Of The Morning Star
6. Caverna Obscura
7. Only The Blind Can See...
8. In Signo Mortis
9. The March Of Shadows
10. In Nomine Aeternitatis
11. The Seas Of Oblivion

Although tied to the Abigor axis of related projects, Dargaard bears no real resemblance to that famous black metal outfit. Rather, Dargaard is neo-classical project featuring stirring, dramatic music that falls into the fantasy soundtrack category, as the songs are very orchestrated and provocative with imagery. The music is composed by Tharen, who is finding quite the departure from the vicious black metal of Abigor, with vocals provided by Elisabeth Toriser, who has a light, enchanting voice that fits the music perfectly. This album actually reminds me very much of Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's self-titled debut. The sound is very serene, yet quite elaborately produced and elegant in presentation. Although the sounds are synthesized, the array of instrumentation is fairly ambitious.

In Nomine Aeternitatis is a very enjoyable album that is best enjoyed late at night and through headphones. Neo-classical fans (and that includes the likes of In the Nursery followers as well as those exploring the Summoning/Abigor circuit of projects) will definitely find much to enjoy here.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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