Dark Blue


Dark Blue - Words ©2002 Dark Blue Productions
1. Afraid To Fly
2. Reason For Everything
3. Always Think I'm Right
4. Never Want To See Me
5. What's In My Eyes
6. Words
7. Embarrass Me
8. Hammer Me Down
9. Something Drifting
10. In Over My Head

I had the tremendous pleasure and privilege a couple years ago to listen to the demo disc from Dark Blue. I found that disc to be a very refreshing change from the typical power metal disc. Now they have released their first full-length disc and the growth of the band between the demo and this release is quite evident.

Other bands have explored the "darker" side of the emotional scale. Evergrey comes to mind with their dank and dismal lyrics and presentation. Very few bands have ventured into blues music and styling in their approach. Dark Blue are one of the first bands I have heard to take the deeply emotional lyrics of blues music and blend them with metal that retains the unique sound and feel of blues music. They achieve a very good blending of rhythmic music with strong guitar leads and solos. The lyrics from these songs fit well into the medium with which they are presented. They would fit equally well in a blues bar in New Orleans.

The music on this disc has the feel of being loose but under control at the same time. There is a lot of energy in the songs, but you can sense the control the band exercises in their play, keeping their attention focused on the cumulative effort, even in the solos there is still an eye kept on the continuity of the music. Howard Bernard's attention to the focus of his music and the details that comprise the whole is very evident.

Those who enjoy good blues music ought to give this disc a listen. I find this disc to be a wonderful opposite to the glut of gothic metal on the market. The formula behind much of gothic metal seems to be to take the ethereally beautiful vocalist and stick her in the depths of the abyss to enthrall the listener as she pines away. Dark Blue pitches the ethereal for the real, strips away the ambient atmosphere and plays music that is honest, emotionally charged and very well executed. This is a great debut and hopefully it will spell a good future for Dark Blue.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2002

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