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Ritual Of Silence

Dark Mythology - Ritual Of Silence ©2001 Self-Released
1. Silence In E-moll
2. Distances
3. Pure Death
4. Protagonist
5. Last Chance
6. Son Of Darkness
7. Enuma Elish
8. Ritual Of Silence

Dark Mythology is a band that tends to dance around several metal subgenres chasms, therefore making them a bit hard to peg. However, an opinion on the band is easy to form as they aren't quite adept enough at their sound to make them worth recommending. The guitars in this Dutch band are speedy, playing neo-classical runs with a black metal sensibility and treble-oriented approach with leads that hint at the Children of Bodom thing. The songs tend to run in power metal pacings with a bit of a doomy rumble. However, it's the vocals that really cause turmoil and confusion as singer Jan Steen has an uncanny ability to be entirely inappropriate at all times with his singing and grunting. Much of his vocals is the standard issue, hoarse, low death metal grunt. Occasionally he ventures into tuneless warbling that is sure to offend even the most tolerant of metal fans ("Enuma Elish" is a terrifying example of this). Considering the music sounds more like two guitarists practicing their runs and scales while showing off their impressive speed skills, Steen could elevate the songs a degree or two but instead he causes them to plummet. Such a one dimensional approach is dismaying, to say the least. Aside from a few somewhat neat guitar moments, this album is destined to suggest only a bit of promise for the band but not enough to make it something one wants to hear very often. By the last track, I have a feeling most listeners will want Dark Mythology to observe a long Ritual of Silence.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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