Dark Sanctuary

Royaume Mélancolique

Dark Sanctuary - Royaume Mélancolique ©1999 Ancestral Craft Productions
1. L'Autre Monde
2. L'Ombre Triste
3. Night Rain
4. Le Réve De La Nymphe
5. Miserere
6. Valley Of The Pain
7. The Final Battle
8. Maze
9. Anathème

Dark Sanctuary is a French outfit that originally started as a one man band on a 1996 demo cassette. Since then, several people have filled the ranks to make Dark Sanctuary an actual band for the succeeding releases. Royaume Mélancolique is the band's first full length issue.

The music played by Dark Sanctuary is a very lovely, lush and melancholy style of darkwave. The band offers floating soprano vocals, courtesy of Marquise Ermia, synthesizers, violin, acoustic guitar and piano to create their music. Their songs are brooding, contemplative, but always beautiful in execution. There is a sense of being in a cathedral while in mourning, due to the mood this album creates. The neo-classical music is very well realized and performed by this band. The CD is very lengthy, but is a wonderful listen for when one is in the proper mindset for it. Fans of Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's, Black Tape for a Blue Girl or those who wish to hear a friendlier version of Elend should most definitely check out Dark Sanctuary.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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