.308 Antichrist

Darkmoon - .308 Antichrist ©2001 Tribunal Records
1. Wehrwolfe (Anti-martyr Brigade 2001)
2. Impenetrable
3. Pagan Graves
4. Patriots Of Fire

Hailing from North Carolina but apparently tapping into the inspirational fjords and northern climates of Scandanavia, Darkmoon is an American blackened death metal band with a couple full lengths and a couple EPs under their bullet belts. The latest, this four song EP entitled .308 Antichrist, is an interesting blend of blast beat and technical riffing death metal mentality mixed with a smoother, slightly creepy black metal edge. The result is a strong EP's worth of material that shows a lot of promise and deliverance on that promise within the short span of the MCD.

The first two tracks are reminscient of early Dissection, with the emphasis on thrashy, somewhat technically tinged riffs based over a blasting rhythm section. These two tracks have a tendency to be a bit too busy for their own good, although the songwriting is still strong enough to escape becoming a quagmire of noise. The EP's strongest track is "Pagan Graves", which aims more towards the classic black metal "hum", relying more on smooth, fluid guitar patterns and a much less busy rhythm structure. Complete with dark ambience behind the metal coatings, this song shows Darkmoon has a tremendous amount of potential. Throughout the album there is a feeling of urban terror, which does set this band apart from their more forest-oriented European counterparts. On a whole, though, the EP does capture a solid mood and do it justice.

Although I'll stop short of calling this EP anything more than quite good, Darkmoon is a shining example of a current band getting it right. There is a lot for any fan of either black or death metal to digest on this short EP and it shows enough potential to keep an eye on them in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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