Diving Into Darkness

Darkseed - Diving Into Darkness ©2000 Nuclear Blast
1. Forever Darkness
2. I Deny You
3. Counting Moments
4. Can't Find You
5. Autumn
6. Rain
7. Hopelessness
8. Left Alone
9. Downwards
10. Cold Under Water
11. Many Wills

Although it is unfair to the artist to devote only a couple of paragraphs to an album that took months to write, rehearse for and record, I find it very difficult to spend more than a few lines to review Darkseed's new CD.

I am not familiar with their previous output, and so whatever progression they may have shown here is lost to me. What I can observe, however, is that Diving into Darkness is a completely anonymous blend of latter-day Tiamat, Irreligious and Sin/Pecado-era Moonspell, post-Elegy Amorphis and One Second-era Paradise Lost. Infrequent grunted vocals alternate with competent clean singing (the two are sometimes superimposed, as in "I Deny You"), melodic hooks are the rule, some electronic drum loops are thrown in here and there (bridge in "I Deny You"), and reasonably quiet keyboards can be heard in the background. Whatever the aforementioned bands have been doing, Darkseed does it. Exactly the same way.

Does this make Diving into Darkness a bad album? Not really. If you can't live without what Moonspell and Amorphis have been up to in the past couple of years, then you should enjoy this album. On the other hand, if you like personality, originality and creativity, it is probably best to spend your money on something worth your while.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 08/2000

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