Darkside - Evolution ©1998 NSM Records
1. In The Beginning
2. The Gleaming
3. Souls Of Led Blackness
4. Evolution?
5. Traces Of Red
6. Spiritual Galleries
7. Pink Frog-cold Smoke
8. Whore's Bleeding Magick
9. Till (y)our Bitter End
10. In Silence

Darkside is yet another one of those doom-death metal bands that straddles the lines of symphonic, atmospheric music and brutal death metal. Steeped heavily in early-Tiamatisms, this Austrian outfit shows that with some honing and focusing, they could become very impressive indeed, but at this point their evolution is more primordial. The opening sequence shows an eerie Skinny Puppy vibe that is very haunting and unnerving. From that point, the music blends together and blurs quite a bit, lacking strength of composition that good metal truly needs. There are some unique effects and approaches as well as excellent moments, such as the heavy weirdness of "Pink Frog-Cold Smoke". Listening to that track alone suggests Darkside is only beginning to explore all sides of their musical dimensions. For the future, I would hope the band continue to define a precise sound that shrieks "Darkside" and separates from other legions of doom-death bands.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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