Darvon Complex

Demo V 1.1

Darvon Complex - Demo V 1.1 ©2001 Self-Released
1. Intro
2. Rise Of The Phoenix
3. 13th Dimension Dimentia
4. Goat
5. Run

While most technical hardcore/metal/grind bands (Dillinger Escape Plan, Deadguy, Benumb, ect.) have, thus far, done nothing but give me the lingering incentive to throw their CDs out of a car window, I must say that I am mildly impressed with the debut demo recording of this Pacific Grove-based band, the Darvon Complex. While many of the aforementioned bands I listed rely on overt technicality, dizzying time changes, annoyingly upfront guitars and unneccessary musical excess to create nothing more than soulless noise, the Darvon Complex uses appropriately demo quality production much to their advantage. As opposed to bludgeoning the listener over the head with a wall of guitars (this is where the low-fi production comes in quite aptly), the Darvon Complex gives the guitars just enough clarity and room so that it does not hide what makes most music so enjoyable; the talent and energy. Also, the band occasionally will throw a groove at the listener rather than suddenly change tempos every ten or so seconds (such as the 2:10 or so mark of "Goat," a song that, throughout it's short duration, is abundant with great riffs and grooves). If you find any of the aforementioned bands to your liking, then feel free to contact the band at DarvonComplex@aol.com. In conclusion, this brief demo serves as, if nothing else, a fun, listen.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 08/2001

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Spit On Rockstars

Darvon Complex - Spit On Rockstars ©2002 Self-Released
1. Creating Scene Victims
2. Learning Is Fundamental
3. Oral Dilemma
4. John
5. Bench Grinder
6. Acheron
7. Fuck Keith
8. Goat

You would think that by virtue of my being friends with the members of this band that I would find it difficult to review this album objectively, but in the time in which I've known Ricky Chasteen (guitar/vocals), Ryan Lotz (Drums/Keyboards), and Ryan Elder (guitar/vocals) as a band, I must admit that they have grown and matured in ways that I never would have thought possible, if their debut demo was any indication. While their debut was "cute" in the hardcore/metal sense of the word, repeated listenings revealed that it, and the band in general, were simply hard to take seriously (especially when you take into account lyrics dealing with catatonic, geriatric zombies). It seemed as if the band was more content with riding on the coattails of a tamer, more bland Mr. Bungle and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Make no bones about it, folks. Spit on Rockstars, throughout its scant twenty-five minute duration (not including the three or so minutes of static succeeding "Goat"), is a fully realized, dynamic metal album that is an aggregate of all of the best elements of extreme metal (with grind as its base). This is grind the way it was meant to be played, black metal as it was meant to be played and doom metal as it was meant to be played, all tied together in a nice, short, concise, groovy package of seething anger and spite. The members are smart enough to provide moments of calm within the massive squall of guitars, such as the opening moments of the six minute epic "John" and subtitled, beautiful hidden track, "3/4 groove", that appears a few minutes after "Goat".

Suffice it to say that The Darvon Complex is probably one of the few good bands currently existing on the Monterey Peninsula. I must make special mention of the fact that the band's frontman, Ricky Chasteen, is fat and when he rides his motorcycle, he looks like a corpulent Glenn from the Village People.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 03/2003

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