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Diarrhea Of A Madman

Dave Brockie Experience - Diarrhea Of A Madman ©2001 Metal Blade
1. 40,000 Times
2. Too Much Stuff
3. You Want To Suck My Dick
4. Pants
5. Faggot On Fire
6. Helium Creed
7. Beat Stall
8. The Dance Of Europe
9. Iranian Masturbator
10. Washing Yourself
11. Servant Of Death's Head
12. Two Smart Guys Fight (about Michelangelo)
13. The Pennington Lark
14. I Clean Up Real Good
15. Great News!
16. Masturbate
17. I Saw Three Forms
18. Calling Dr. Fong

Well isn't this just bloody adorable? Three members of GWAR have stepped out from behind their costumes to form a goofball joke trio and completely ride on the coattails of their main gig to get attention. And they fully admit to using their more well-known band to get attention on their website. After all, the music found on Dave Brockie Experience's Diarrhea of a Madman certainly will do little to further their ambitions.

Mosquitos swarms at twilight in June while you are clad only in a tank top and shorts. Minivan drivers with a load of soccer playing brats. Loud cell phone users in public places. All these annoying aspects of life can easily be analogous to the Dave Brockie Experience. Full of penis jokes, masturbation rants, and other fratboy cheap gags, Diarrhea of a Madman displays about as much humor value as junior high kids telling dirty jokes in the locker room. Maybe for someone raised on dryer forms of humor such as Bob Newhart, Steven Wright or John Cleese will simply not find this record very amusing. If it at least had something to offer musically I might be able to overlook the juvenile nature of the lyrics, but there's not much to speak of here. The music alternates between power chord purgatory that lies between punk and hardcore metal and pointless noodling and fluffing around in the studio. Often Dave Brockie's vocals are either Lee Ving without power or nasal rantings. I'd much rather subject myself to Controlled Bleeding's white noise experimental records than sit through this dreadful excursion again.

I suppose GWAR fanatics and those with stunted growth in their sense of humor might find something of worth in this album but I must go cleanse myself with an extreme amount of soap. No matter how hard I scrub, the stink of this record remains.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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