Dayglo Abortions

Here Today, Guano Tomorrow

Dayglo Abortions - Here Today, Guano Tomorrow ©1988 God Records
1. Fuck My Shit Stinks
2. Fuck Satan To Death
3. Dragons
4. Hide The Hamster
5. The Spawn Of Yog Sothoth
6. Shred Central
7. Drugged And Driving
8. Here Today Guano Tomorrow
9. Kill Johnny Stiff

The long-suffering, "musically challenged" Dayglos have spent the better half of a decade treading on Canadian obscenity laws, even having their punk asses hauled into the High Court of Canada. But that's just filthy water under the bridge. Afterall, what strengthens warped resolve more than free publicity? Well, nothing. Guano is your typical Epitaph-esque ho-humish punk fare; the songs are brief, hilarious and ultimately dumb anthemic odes to stuff anyone in possession of their faculties would find revolting, if not utterly amusing. But unlike their many bland contemporaries, they actually prove themselves musically adept, the opener and title cut shred surprisingly and "Drugged and Driving" sounds like Priest bumbling through an MC5 tune. Yeah, it's silly as hell. But I just can't rip into this band. They also have a history of great album covers, but believe me, Guano is not one of them.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 08/1998

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