December Moon

Source Of Origin

December Moon - Source Of Origin ©1996 Spinefarm
1. Exaltation Of Power
2. You Can't Bless The Damned
3. Nocturnal Transcendency
4. Winter Sunset
5. Black Millenium
6. The Apparition Of Mother Earth
7. Twinned With Destiny
8. An Empty Gesture

I'll just get to the point right away. That King Diamond voice on "The Apparition of Mother Earth" must go. Right now. I know the majority of the album is standard atmospheric black metal, but ditch that voice!

Anyhoo, England's duo that dubbed themselves December Moon displays a reasonable amount of black metal skill on this Spinefarm release, though nothing truly standout-ish over all. Since they're British, it's only natural to assume there is some tongue inserted in some cheek (or will be on a future release - Britain is the king of that sort of thing...hence Monty Python) but at this point the duo seems quite serious about being dark and potentially evil. One of the noted things is that the actual tonality of the guitar and bass is slightly different than standard black metal. A bit thicker and slightly more technological than some of their Scandanavian brethren. The musical intro to "Exaltation of Power" demonstrates it rather well. A lot of the singing falls directly in BM land of rasps, hollow whispers and screams. And of course you get the atmospheric keyboards. That is probably a given considering the British-ness. (C'mon, look at the other British black metal bands: Cradle of Filth, Hecate Enthroned or especially Bal-Sagoth.) In the long run you get a record that is definitely within the confinements of the genre, enjoyable to a degree, but ultimately not able to truly distinguish itself as a forerunner.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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