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Prophetic Luster

Deepred - Prophetic Luster ©2000 Blunt Force Records
1. Hi-speed Confusion
2. Multiple Errors
3. Dismissed From Life
4. Luster
5. In Cold Blood
6. A Song For The Lovers
7. A Relentless Path
8. Homogenous World
9. All Will See Rebirth

Yech. There's no better way to put my feelings than "Yech" after hearing Finland's Deepred's debut, Prophetic Luster. On a second thought, "Blech" could be used as an alternate description. Either way, while most bands strive to place themselves high on Top Ten lists for listeners, Deepred may indeed be searching for a spot at the Ten Worst Albums list for the year. In fact, some of their titles can easily be worked into this rather negative review. Prophetic Luster contains "Multiple Errors", nine tracks of them. These musicians should be "Dismissed From Life" for showing absolutely no concept of dynamics, variation or songwriting ability. "All Will See Rebirth" upon throwing this album out the window or donating it to rednecks for skeet shooting. The band demonstrates "Hi-Speed Confusion" with the idea that blast beats and downtuned sludgefests that cover up their lack of musical ideas with a wall of noise constitutes good music in 2001. Deepred has shown me that within one album's timespan of thirty minutes, I never, ever want to hear a single solitary note this band has to offer ever again. I can't possibly think of one reason why I would ever recommend this awful mess of bombastic death nonsense to anyone but people I truly despise. Even then, I'd have to give it some pause for thought. Now excuse me while I stomp on this disc with my work boots so that no one will ever be annoyed by their amateur romp through grind-deathville again.


Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2001

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