Darkened World

Deviate - Darkened World ©1998 Scream Records
1. Crisis Of Confidence
2. Sickness
3. Spread A Threat
4. Sequel Of Arrogance
5. Cold Prejudice
6. Inner Days
7. Darkened World

Painfully typical mid-paced hardcore! There's nothing here that hasn't been done a million times before; even the riffs are so ordinary that there have probably been other bands who have come up with these combinations of notes in the past but discarded them for being dead boring. The tracks mostly consist of plam-muted slow, simple "moshcore" guitar riffs (stuff Metallica discarded in making of Reload, it would seem from hearing them) with standard screamed/growled hardcore vocals, flat choruses, "lyrics, drums and bass" (their presence is all I can comment on, since that is their most distinctive quality - that they're "present"); the band, in absolute opposition to the implication in their name, entirely fail to "Deviate" from this formula. It's not that you always having to the most innovative band around: there's nothing wrong with having a winning formula and sticking with it until you've established yourself, but there is no way you'll be doing that with hardcore-muzak like this. It fades into the background no matter how high the volume is, and I can safely assure even the most hardcore hardcore fan that this is not worth his/her time.

Redeeming points? Not many...the riffs are rather catchy, definitely. Not anything that will take you places, anything that will give to a rush of blood, but rather simple and repetitive and therefore involuntarily noticeable. All tracks sound mostly the same, and the music being entirely non-progressive, don't get much help from the riffs and arrangements contained in them. I wouldn't recommend this to any sensible metal fan, though if you're into KoRn and Limp Bizkit try this out because this is much better than the aforementioned crap.

Review by Rahul Joshi

Review date: 07/1999

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