Through The Darkness

DGeneration - Through The Darkness ©1998 C2 Records/Columbia
1. Helpless
2. Every Mother's Son
3. Hatred
4. Rise & Fall
5. Only A Ghost
6. Lonely
7. Good Ship Down
8. Sick On The Radio
9. Chinatown
10. So Messed Up
11. Sunday Secret Saints
12. Don't Be Denied

Though DGeneration is playing a relatively upbeat, groovy sort of punk mixed with rock, I'm finding it hard to truly be drawn into this record. It is just a bit too by the numbers in terms of where each song travels. The guitars are in just the right place at the right level, the backing vocals and harmonies are where you would expect them, etc etc etc. The other problem is that singer Jesse Malin either sounds like Mike Ness when he's singer lower pitches and far too much like Billy Corgin on the higher notes. Aggravatingly so, in fact. That nasally whine automatically turns DGeneration from a credible rock band into Blech Alterno-Slop. In a way, DGeneration reminds me of where they think a modern Dramarama might go. While Dramarama was able to take the obvious songstyle and make it actually rock, DGeneration just doesn't have the spice to rise to that level. I could see these guys being a fun opening band or even becoming a great rock act, but at this point they just don't have the overall edge to do it.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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