Picture of Diecast

Day Of Reckoning

Diecast - Day Of Reckoning ©2000 Now Or Never
1. Intro
2. Disrepair
3. In The Shadows
4. Singled Out
5. Plague
6. Exacting My Revenge
7. Remember The Fallen
8. Desensitized
9. Invent The Truth
10. Solace
11. Day Of Reckoning

I have always been clairvoyant as to the fact that someday I might receive a promo that is so horrendous that it will make even the most impervious of listeners vomit in utter disgust. Here I give you Diecast's latest, Day of Reckoning. Boring metalcore with absolutely no sense of dynamics. Rather, the members of Diecast have a strong sense of being unentertaining in every regard. Whether it is the weak hardcore roaring, the plodding tempos that go nowhere, the off-key, embarrassingly unconvincing clean singing, the shoddy packaging, the cliché ridden lyrics, or the commonplace riffs. With about as much direction as Mr.Magoo, Day of Reckoning is an utterly horrendous release. Quite frankly, I have absolutely no time for this feces and neither should you. Avoid!

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 11/2001

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