Dipnoi - Fkddd ©1999 Moonza Records
1. Benzine
2. Iron
3. Lemon Juice
5. Hide
6. Lack Of Me

Dipnoi, a Brazilian band, is one of those heavy rock bands with chunky, heavy guitars that immediately falls between the cracks and unintentionally makes themselves unnecessary with their brand of music. While nothing is immediately flawed about fkddd, there is also very little of note that will make any listener with more than eight CDs in his or her collection rush to play this disc ever again. The six songs on the disc are somewhat energetic and fairly groove laden, but there is a spark missing in them. The singer growls like a deranged Danzig who lost his mind after he lost his singing range while the band just goes about their business with trying to play something that is obstensibly heavy and rocking. However, it just doesn't gel anywhere on the album. It's really a shame to dismiss fkddd when it's obvious the band put a lot of hard work into the record, but at the same time we're doing no favors if we encourage them in their present state.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2001

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Dipnoi - Torn ©2002 Self-Released
1. Torn
2. Greed
3. Melting

I've been lamenting the lack of good, creative thrash for quite awhile now. Sure we have bands like Nifelheim and Alastor doing the simple, "evil" style, but those seem to be more influenced by the Kreator and Hellhammer school, rather than bands like Anacrusis and Coroner.

I guess Dipnoi are exactly what I've been looking for. Good playing abound, fairly creative compositions, one of those odd vocalists who doesn't really sound like anyone else, and plenty of great riffs to sink your teeth into.

The band's not afraid to mix some proggy elements into their music, most notably in the final track, "Melting", which is also my favorite song of the album. The most natural comparison, to my ears, would be Forced Entry, who managed to have a compact, aggressive, yet groovy and creative style. The song keeps going through changes that'll keep you on your toes, yet which work very well for the song as a whole, into a rocking, almost Motorhead-like solo break, to a bass driven verse, then building it back up to the thrashing goodness. Man, what a song; if this is a mark of things to come from this band, then I'm certainly excited.

The other two songs aren't quite as strong as "Melting", but funnily enough the title track is my least favorite song here, mainly because it starts of a bit weak, though there are some great parts later on.

The production is fairly nice, with all the instruments quite clear and powerful and a nice thick bass that really helps things out. The vocalist sounds like a mad Brazilian boar. I doubt that helps giving you the right impression, but dammit, I'm trying to get you excited here! ("Oooh, a mad Brazilian boar, I've GOT to hear what that sounds like!" That's what you thought, right? That's right, Timmy!)

Anyone else who's been missing the more creative thrash metal bands of yore, I think you'd do well in giving Dipnoi a shot.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 11/2002

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