Dire Straits

Love Over Gold

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold ©1982 Warner Bros.
1. Telegraph Road
2. Private Investigations
3. Industrial Disease
4. Love Over Gold
5. It Never Rains

Dire Straits fourth album found the band moving further away from their bluesy, pub-rock styled music and into a bit more of a progressive territory, an observation furthered by the sprawling fourteen minutes of "Telegraph Road" as well as the trickier and more thematic arrangements of the five songs on the release. The whole of Love Over Gold seems more morese than previous releases, particularly with the urban dismay of "Telegraph Road" as well as the gumshoe coldness of "Private Investigations". But throughout Love Over Gold, vocalist/guitarist Mark Knopfler liberally sprinkles his amazing leads and solos, retaining that magic of Dire Straits' music. Moreover, the songs themselves are rather fluid and allow for even the jam during the latter portion of "Telegraph Road" to increase its property value by building a fantastic climax. "Industrial Disease" is rollicking stomper of a song, complete with some rather tongue-in-cheek lyrics and delivery from Knopfler. "Love Over Gold" is an acoustical number, possibly the the one traditional Dire Straits number on the entire record. The closer, "It Never Rains", is another lengthy number that builds in intensity as the song progresses.

Not enough can be said about Knopfler's role as a true guitar hero as his playing never is about showing off or showcasing precisely how dexterious his fingers are. Rather, his ability to weave a remarkably fitting lead or solo into an already wonderful song is unparallelled. One could consider him a true working man's guitar hero who never has lost touch with his roots. Dire Straits have many good albums in their history but Love Over Gold, one of their most ambitious, is still my favorite.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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