Divided Multitude

Inner Self

Divided Multitude - Inner Self ©1999 Sensory
1. Maybe
2. Streets Of Bucharest
3. Heart Of The Moment
4. Pictures Of Home
5. Inner Self
6. Tale Of Tomorrow
7. Confused
8. Mirror's Eye
9. Solitude
10. Scream In Silence

Sensory is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels. They consistently release exceptionally produced, cutting edge progressive metal discs. Divided Multitude's debut disc is no exception and a fine addition to their roster of great progressive metal acts. This is one of those discs that grows on you with each successive listen.

The disc is made up of heavy crunching guitar riffs, symphonic keyboards, right-on-target drumming and a final set of vocal harmonies. The guitar work is similar to that of Symphony X for the heaviness. The keys remind me of Payne's Gray or Pain of Salvation for the way they support, carry and enhance the sound giving it a wonderful complexity. The disc clocks in at seventy-two minute plus change. The songs are involved epics of sound that will delight the fan of seven minute songs (that would be me). The direction and tempo of the songs change at unpredictable times, keeping you on your toes as you listen.

The lyrics are of the pondering and thoughtful type that are so frequently associated with progressive metal. They are sung by one of the guitarists in a fairly heavily accented voice. The accent does not take away from the music like you might suppose. The vocals are clean and clear and the choruses have some great harmony supplied by others in the band.

The bottom line is that this is a very heavy disc chock full of epic progressive metal. This disc is very much worth whatever your local currency might be. As debut discs go, this one is a winner on every level and promises great things for Divided Multitude's future.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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