Divine Empire

Doomed To Inherit

Divine Empire - Doomed To Inherit ©2000 Olympic/Century Media
1. War Torn
2. Repulsive
3. Dead And Martyred
4. Birth Of Legends
5. Murder Suicide
6. Truth Be Denied
7. Self Inflicted
8. Blood Of Nations
9. Mandatory Punishment
10. The Culprit

With a hysterically funny cover (as hysterically funny as post-1992 death metal album covers go, anyway), Divine Empire unabashedly flaunt their deathness for all to see. The music doesn't fail to deliver.

Malevolent Creation-style death/grind/thrash is the order of the day, and so subtlety shouldn't be expected (nor its absence deplored). And in fact subtlety is reassuringly nowhere to be found on this record. The songs are relatively slow, with average production, industry standard grunts and semi-interesting guitar riffs. The hackneyed vocal sample intro is present ("Murder suicide", "Dead and martyred"), as are discreet keyboards, which do add some appeal to otherwise rather dull songs. The most enjoyable piece by far is the instrumental "Birth of legends", quite possibly because of its absence of vocals, and a few other songs are tolerable ("Truth be denied").

Fans of the genre will certainly snap this album up. I find it to be the perfect accompaniment for a good beer -- all sorts of cute swirly things shine through your glass when you use the CD as a coaster.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2001

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