Divine Rapture

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The Burning Passion

Divine Rapture - The Burning Passion ©2003 Listenable Records
1. The Kindling
2. Your Time Has Come
3. Severed
4. My Demon, Your Dove
5. The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening
6. Funeral Mist
7. Affliction Of Faith
8. Black Moon Harvest
9. Spirit Storm Serenade
10. No Future, No Past
11. The Smothering

Boy, oh boy, do I have the album for you! If you, like many of your peers, are looking to find the most generic, bland, unoriginal and completely lifeless death metal (no pun intended) around, then look no further than Divine Rapture! Hear riffs that want to be like Morbid Angel! See the band photo where they all appear to be standing around in flames! Read such song titles as "Severed" and "My Demon, Your Dove"! Endure the tedious, monotonous song arrangement and recyled ideas that have been floating around the subgenre for over a decade! Listen to the one-growl, one-tone grunter add absolutely nothing to the already mediocre music! Be aghast at the occasional soundtrack-ish keyboard interludes which proves this band's artistic prowess! Amaze yourself that this album has been done by hundreds of other bands, only with different song titles and artwork! Bore youself within forty minutes! This offer won't come around again, or at least until the next completely faceless complex death metal band releases something, which should happen in, oh, the next eight minutes.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2003

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