La Majeure 1987 EP

Doughboys - La Majeure 1987 EP ©2003 Boss Tuneage
1. The Forecast
2. Stranger From Within
3. I Remember

Canada's Doughboys were one of the earlier entries into the field of "pop-punk", originally debuting in 1986 in Montreal, Canada. At the time, there was little notice of the style and certainly not the negative connotation that the term "pop-punk" gets these days. In essence, Doughboys melded the energy and garage feel of punk music with a hook and melody-filled infusion of Cheap Trick's type of rock. This three song EP features tracks from the band's original demo sessions, which apparently are in their original form as opposed to later seven inch records that they appeared on. Doughboys display a good amount of the prerequisite energy, somewhat tuneless (yet melodic) vocals and catchy songwriting on these three songs. As well as having one foot in the poppy hard rock category, Doughboys shows they probably had Descendents tendencies as well. However, this band leaned more towards rock than any sort of early 80s hardcore music. The final song, "I Remember", even includes piano, courtesy of Lenny Pinkas.

The Doughboys never did really catch on with the pop-punk realm in the early 90s, despite eventually signing a major label contract. For those who might have heard the incredibly dull Crush from 1993, La Majeure 1987 shows this band was an above average entity in their earlier days. Band leader John Kastner has gone on to fulfill his ultimate pop-punk fantasies in All Systems Go!, but for curious Doughboys fans, La Majeure 1987 is a nice little peek into the band's origins.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2003

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