Throne Of The Depths

Drautran - Throne Of The Depths ©2007 Lupus Lounge
1. Zum Haff Hinaus...
2. Blót - Lohen Der Opferung
3. An Den Pforten Des Sturmes
4. Gebaren Des Sterbens In Klanglosen Sphären
5. Sævar Niðr
6. Styrt Ned I Mælstraumen
7. Dusk Of The Fimbulwinter
8. Hehre Runen In Dämmer Und Eis
9. Gen Niflheim...

Drautran is a German black metal band who has, in their decade of existence, gotten around to releasing precisely one demo (in 2000) and one CD. During that time, it seems fairly evident that they haven't been arduously studying musical theory or studio engineering techniques to help them stand out from the extremely crowded black metal world. Throne of the Depths, while occasionally displaying some interesting moments, is a tepid, bland offering that just cannot justify any sort of honest recommendation.

The biggest problem with Throne of the Depths is the muddled production. I'm sure I've hammered the point to death in other reviews, but creating a wall of sound is rather pointless if it demolishes any sense of dynamics within the songs. Drautran utilizes keyboards, but you can barely tell within the depths of the muck. Guitar riffs blaze by without bothering to impact the listener. The vocals are mercifully buried, as often they are a thin, needling style that reminds me a bit of Solefald crossed with Hecate Enthroned. That is entirely not a good thing. Drautran does occasionally let up on the throttle for some mildly listenable "spooky" passages, but often that just tends to reemphasize how unflattering the production is for the heavier onslaughts.

As with too many bands these days, Drautran provides nothing new to the scene and ultimately offers just another platter of reheated porridge. No doubt, when 2014 rolls around, Drautran will have shown a little progress, but in the meantime you're not going to miss out much if you give this one a pass.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2007

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