Dream Into Dust

The Lathe Of Heaven

Dream Into Dust - The Lathe Of Heaven ©2003 Chthonic Streams
1. A Dream Of Joy In A Sleep Of Sorrow
2. Disconnected
3. How The Roses Burned
4. White Autumn
5. Sleep In Dead Time
6. Black Ice
7. Wrong Side Of The Glass
8. No World Outside
9. The Lathe Of Heaven
10. Distant Horizon
11. Internal Return

Making a foray into the broad world of industrial music, Dream Into Dust offers listeners a quite encompassing listen of doomfolk, darkwave and the cacophony of industrial. The Lathe of Heaven is a very well realized project that combines the talents of Derek Rush, Bryin Dall and Eddie Malave. These folks do a fine job of creating a bleak musical landscape that still retains a sense of songmanship. On the base of things, Dream Into Dust has a fairly standard foundation, relying on acoustic guitar for many songs. However, the band layers things with string sections, synthesizers, and distorted rhythms that may remind some of Controlled Bleeding or Skinny Puppy. Every now and then it sounds like Cevin Key has creeped into the studio after the band has gone to bed to throw in his array of distorted beats and random noises. Where the band succeeds the most is simply in creating a quantifiable mood. Derek Rush's voice reminds me a bit of the fellow from Godhead, as both are capable of projecting an overwhelming sense of despondency through their singing.

Although the band is quite capable of creating deeply layered music that has many adjunct sounds firing off in skewed directions, the strength of this band still primarily exists within their songwriting ability. There are more than a few songs on this CD that stick to one's memory. The creepy ambience does add quite a bit to this album, but the main appeal still is within the moody songs.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2003

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