Prelude To Destiny

Dreamsfear - Prelude To Destiny ©1998 Ill Omen Records
1. Ruins
2. Bleak Horizons
3. As Darkness Falls
4. Burning Bridges

A certain split distinction is noted for bands who choose to play old school styles of metal: those playing retro-thrash often come across as amateurish and weak while those who simply play a more traditional, classic style are able to come across a lot better. Dreamsfear, who hail from Ireland, are in the latter category with their brand of power thrash. While they do incorporate a bit of thrash into their style, it isn't at the expense of becoming latter day clones of the 80s thrash legends. The chugging riffs are also matched with a slicker songwriting feel, that suggests Iron Maiden as well. Rob Buggle opts not for a high voice, but a slightly gruff lower approach that works relatively well. His limited range is noticeable on the slow number like "Bleak Horizons" but for a more aggressive song like "As Darkness Falls", it works well. Dreamsfear shows on this EP that they do have some potential and fans of the Iced Earth revival of old school metal might find much to enjoy here.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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